Working out exactly what makes your customers want to buy and how to get a clear message across so they do:

  • Creating compelling offers based on value to customers
  • Fuelling strong customer engagement
  • Ensuring a strong link between product/service teams and marketing.

Market Assessment

  • Review of market situation, competitors and customers.
  • Market segmentation and product/solution positioning.
  • Customer engagement, taking feedback and ensuring it is acted upon.

Proposition Development

  • Clarification of the product/market space to operate in.
  • Creation of bundled offers to meet customer needs.
  • Development of the marketing mix to ensure competitiveness.
  • Effective bid management to maximise success.

Quantify and explain the value

  • Understand customer problems and how you will solve them.
  • Quantify the value of the solutions to meet customer needs.
  • Create the value propositions.
  • Ensure clear messaging and competent staff to deliver them.

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We have led teams from front end sales through sales support, customer services, product management and all things marketing. Having managed or contributed to hundreds of successful bids and sales pitches of all sizes, we relish the challenge of articulating competitive advantage and unique value.

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