What we offer

We drive better results by delivering real sales and marketing improvements

At Rivalogix, we hate to see business opportunities lost through poor commercial data and ingrained working methods; is your sales pipeline a real reflection of the market opportunity?

  • Let us analyse the data, look at behaviours, work with your teams and give you a clearer view
  • We can refine the metrics so you can trust the forecasts and have confidence in your sales funnel
  • You can ask us just to do an audit or deliver a package of improvements.

We also get frustrated when money is wasted in marketing; are you tempted to cut the budget because you can’t see the benefit?

  • Let us work with your specialists to improve the impact of spend, message and channel choice on sales
  • We can combine hard data and creative flair to boost marketing effectiveness
  • You can engage us to fill gaps in a project or support you on a longer term basis.

We can get the job done whilst your teams continue with their current workload. You can trust us to:

  • work at senior levels and be left to get on with it
  • manage outside agencies professionally
  • work together with sales, marketing and product teams
  • bring you our honest experience of leading these teams in turbulent times.

How we make it happen

A simple model that delivers results

Rivalogix can address a specific need or help you identify which actions will bring the best results, then implement and test the success.
We will create a clear program of work which may include the following areas that cut across Sales, Marketing and Products:

Highly commercial and practical actions orchestrated between marketing and sales to deliver rapid results. We help you drive new customer account activity, sales, communication and engagement. 

Delivering products and roadmaps that will excite customers and delight stakeholders. We help your decision making and management of complexity, getting products launched on time and in budget.

Building the complete offer with crisp relevant messages that make it easy for your customers to buy. We help create brilliant value propositions, that sales can easily articulate and marketing can promote.

On-going monitoring of key performance indicators to identify issues and areas for change that drive the organisation towards defined goals. We help your organisation to continuously improve.

Living in a snowglobe

It can feel like a blizzard

We understand that major marketing projects need your sales, marketing, product and service teams to all work closely and positively together. Making this happen often swallows up management time.

For example, if you have a product or service launch at a major exhibition the groups need to collaborate to deliver:

• Crisp ‘why buy?’ statements and value propositions
• Product and service readiness for demos and customer trials
• Pre- and post- event marketing to attract customers, prospects and drive follow-up
• Smooth leads capture and measurement of sales results
• Digital, training and other marketing material ready for launch
• Clear communications to motivate staff and partners; and excite customers
• Sales opportunity planning with pricing deals, partner rebates and channel control.

It's a bit like a snowglobe. Some elements are fixed and tasks are known, but it may not be obvious how to get things done on time or in budget. When things get shaken up, it can be pretty stormy and confusing until they settle.

We can work across disciplines to create simple plans, roll our sleeves up and get the work done, whilst monitoring progress and adjusting activities to meet targets. We will provide you the clarity and results you need. 
Why not try Rivalogix for your next marketing project?

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