Marketing cupboard needs a New Year detox?

Go on, be honest - How many of these are in your marketing cupboard?

  • Half full boxes of out of date product data sheets.
  • Biros, pads, pens, bags and caps with the old company logo.
  • Cheap neck-ties, shiny name badges and lanyards.
  • A sealed mystery box with a former employee’s name on it.
  • Assortment box of wipes, mints, chargers and business cards.

So why do marketing create so much stuff that isn’t used? It’s a new year - time to clear out the 'tat' and focus on items that are valuable and/or measurable. We acknowledge product obsolescence and changing logos, but far too much collateral is still being commissioned and printed. Marketing is frequently bombarded with tempting glossy merchandising brochures. There are 1000s of attractively photographed products with company logos that your customers and partners don’t really want.

Be strong! A full marketing cupboard is not a sign of how busy or successful you are. Take a deep breath and look at our top 10 tips:

    1. Go digital for datasheets and brochures and measure downloads, shares and visits.
    2. Make your website the single go-to place for sales and partners to find material and case studies. Bring it alive with customer stories, videos and solution descriptions. Measure usage.
    3. A picture speaks a thousand words. Invest more in great graphic design and attractive product photography. Better still, create animations or your own “how-to” video channel.
    4. Can this product be sold without gimmicks and props? Invest more time and effort in the messaging and sales arguments.
    5. Create material that is mobile-friendly. Sales should have a library of useful images, presentations and facts on their phones.
    6. Make customer giveaways beautiful, collectable and/or useful. Choose items that live up to the brand promise.
    7. Keep looking at ways of capturing customer information and expand the reach of your material - there is no tracking for the handover of a physical item or piece of paper.
    8. Visit your retailers and distributors to see how much of your merchandise is valued.
    9. Don’t fall for bulk discounts. If you only need 50 copies of a brochure, don’t print 1000.
    10. Employ a media savvy student for the summer - let them get your documentation in order and write them a reference for great work.

By measuring what material is visited and downloaded, a crisper list of assets for new products can be agreed with sales and product teams. This results in a few really stellar pieces of marketing rather than a drab laundry list.

At Rivalogix we have led numerous sales, marketing and product teams creating customer stories and solution descriptions that sales teams want to use. Go take a sneaky peek in your marketing cupboard and contact us if you want to get it in order.

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