Good ‘old-fashioned’ marketing

An independent Swedish software company, established for several years with a specialist suite of telecoms network application software, had excellent technical resources and a deep engineering understanding of a market in its early stages, but needed sales.

When a new COO was appointed, he engaged Rivalogix to develop a marketing plan for the business. This could have been a time for building a fantastic website, being all creative and going digital, but in fact it was time for some ‘back to basics’ marketing.

Initial assessments suggested the software was unique and had compelling features, but the company just weren’t translating it into products with clear benefits that could be understood by anyone other than a technologist.

Working closely with the management team, we restructured the product portfolio and developed the benefits statements, collateral and value based market messages to gain the company commercial traction. A PR agency was engaged and together we formulated a successful press and analyst programme, writing key opinion articles for industry journals. We also coordinated the preparation of a comprehensive business plan, used to promote the company to the investment community.

Our deep rooted system sales expertise was used to support a talented but inexperienced sales team with management, mentoring and coaching that led to the first commercial deployments for the company. We also introduced a CRM solution based on to help effectively manage the sales pipeline and give management and sales a clear view of further opportunities.

To signal a ’job well one’, the company's success and future potential was recognised when it was ultimately acquired by Oracle.