Good ‘old-fashioned’ marketing

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An independent Swedish software company, established for several years with a specialist suite of telecoms network application software, had excellent technical resources and a deep engineering understanding of a market in its early stages, but needed sales. When a new COO was appointed, he engaged Rivalogix to develop a marketing plan for the business. This […]

Press release – a language of its own.

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Every day you can find quotes that are used in press releases of things that people would just never say. They are usually made up of a combination of clichés and meaningless platitudes. Here is one I found today: “This is a transformative step-change that brings together the industry’s foremost expertise and services to fulfill […]

Vloggers Revenge?

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Not being the target demographic for social influencers who ply their trade as vloggers doesn’t mean that I don’t subscribe to some of them. For me it’s Car and Tech rather than fashion and lifestyle. It means I understand the rudiments. For my areas of interest it means that young blokes with fancy cars get […]

Marketing cupboard needs a New Year detox?

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Go on, be honest – How many of these are in your marketing cupboard? Half full boxes of out of date product data sheets. Biros, pads, pens, bags and caps with the old company logo. Cheap neck-ties, shiny name badges and lanyards. A sealed mystery box with a former employee’s name on it. Assortment box […]

Marketing budget spoiling the festive mood?

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Have you got Marketing Budget sign off worries? Does it feel like a leap of faith or just another dull spreadsheet that needs your approval? Here are ten questions you should be asking to stop you reaching for the indigestion tablets: Does it look just like last year’s budget? Markets and customers change – it […]

Data sheets are not dead.

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So many times you will have heard someone say: “There’s a new product being launched, we need a data sheet”, or “Send the datasheet to the sales guys so they know what to sell”. But, does anyone really care what goes into a data sheet anymore? A data sheet can be a valuable tool in […]

How can sales manage marketing?

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They talk funny – how could a sales person start to manage a marketing team? Everything was pretty comfortable.  You are the head of the regional sales team having worked your way up from the bottom. You know the customers, your competitors, your sales execs and the sales forecast.  Bonus looks pretty assured this year. […]